Roof Cleaning Options For Traditional Asphalt Roofing

17 January 2022
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You may have the idea that asphalt roofing will not need cleaning. It will need maintenance and the gutters will need cleaning, but the roof itself will not. The truth is your asphalt roofing will need cleaning from time to time. Over time the asphalt can begin to have dark or green stains. This is a sign of debris buildup, pollen building, and can even show areas that are receiving more water and possible erosion damage. Here are some of the roof cleaning options you should consider if your roof is starting to discolor. 

Non-Chemical Methods

A concern for many homeowners deals with cleaning chemicals. You may want to ensure there are no chemicals that could hurt your pets, your children, or your landscape. These chemicals may be bleaches, phosphates, or chemicals that can hurt your water supply. A non-chemical method uses environmentally safe products to clean the roof. These products are certified to cause no harm to pets, land, water, or children. Keep in mind, roof cleaning services may have several options for non-chemical cleaning. Make sure to discuss your options.

Bleach Cleaning

Bleach cleaning is a common method used for roofing. This type of cleaning method requires two rounds of bleach. The bleaching agent is sprayed onto the roofing and allowed to sit. It is then rinsed and scrubbed off to remove the surface layer of dirt and debris. A second layer of the agent is then put on the roof and the scrubbing and rinsing process is repeated. This type of cleaning removes the staining and darkening caused by pollen, water, and other weather elements. Moss and lichens that may be on shingles are also removed during this process. 

Pressure Washing

A common method used for roof cleaning is pressure washing. Pressure washing is one of the most common and most popular methods. It uses very little chemical if any at all. The high-pressure water is sprayed directly onto the roof and over the shingles. The high pressure of the water helps to break up the debris and other stain-causing agents. They are then removed as the water runs off. This method also does not harm your landscape, pets, or children. 

These are just a few of the roofing cleaning options available to you. If you need any of these services, contact your area roofing services contractor. They can assess the roofing and ensure there are no damages that need to be repaired. They can then clean the roof with the option you choose. They will also be able to notify you if there are issues that need attention.

For more information on roofing cleaning, contact a company near you.