In Need Of Roofing Services? Remember These Tips For Saving Money And Time

31 January 2022
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Roof condition is a question that homeowners must take seriously and give attention to on a regular basis. When homeowners notice clues of declining condition due to aging or damage, contacting a reputable roofing contractor should always be the next step. While necessary for the protection of the home's structure, contents and occupants, roofing repairs, maintenance and replacement projects can be costly in both money and time. Homeowners who are preparing to contact a roofing contractor may be able to reduce both cost and scheduling delays by using the following tips. 

Understand HOA rules before calling the contractor

If you live in a development governed by an HOA or subdivision covenants, there are likely to be one or more rules pertaining to residential roofing. At a minimum, expect the HOA or subdivision to place limitations on the color, type and style of roofing materials used in their efforts to maintain the visual continuity of the development. In addition, homeowners should know that many HOA boards may also place limitations on contractors working in the development, including hours of work, proof of permits and insurance, parking for trucks and site cleanup. By having a good understanding of any HOA or other rules for the area, homeowners can help to prevent unnecessary delays when having their roof repaired or replaced. 

Decide whether a complete tear could be avoided

Homeowners interested in saving money and time on their upcoming roofing project will want to determine whether they have any options available for reducing the scope of the work. One common way in which the scope of a residential roof replacement project can be lessened is when homeowners are allowed to add a second layer of shingles over the existing ones. If the existing roof has worn shingles but the sheathing, decking and other portions of the roof are stable and serviceable, homeowners may be able to avoid the labor and time required for a complete tear off and removal of the existing shingles. An inspection performed by the roofing contractor will help homeowners decide if this option is a good choice for their situation. 

Schedule with weather in mind

When roofing repairs or replacement work is needed, roofing contractors must build their schedule with the weather in mind. Unlike many other types of home repairs or services, roofing work requires outdoor work that can be interrupted due to precipitation, severe temperatures, storms or other factors. When considering the scheduling for their roofing work to be completed, homeowners and their roofing contractor will use the scope of the work to be done, weather trends in the area and available openings in the roofing services work schedule before deciding on a specific date.