4 Tips To Prepare Your Home For A Roof Replacement

7 November 2022
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A new roof will benefit your home over time. Replacing a damaged roof ensures that no moisture can infiltrate your home.

While most homeowners recognize the value of replacing a damaged roof, the replacement process can pose some unique risks. It's important that you take the time to prepare your home for an impending roof replacement to minimize any negative side effects.

1. Prepare Your Attic

The attic often collects the most dust and debris during a roof replacement. If you have any items stored inside your attic, it's best to relocate them until your roof replacement is complete.

It can be helpful to lay down sturdy tarps or painter's drop sheets in the attic prior to any work being done on your roof. These tarps and drop sheets will collect the majority of the dust and debris falling from your roof, making cleanup a lot easier.

2. Protect Items in the Garage

If your garage is connected to your home, you will likely be replacing the roofing materials on the garage during a full roof replacement. Many garages don't have insulation. This means that there is no added layer of protection against falling debris while contractors are working on the garage roof.

It's important that you take the time to cover all valuable items in your garage. The granules that are found on shingles can scratch the paint on your vehicles, motorcycles, tools, and other items. Covering these valuables with a tarp will help prevent any serious damage.

3. Secure Your Windows

Shingle granules not only have the potential to scratch paint, but they can also scratch glass as well. This means that your home's windows are vulnerable to damage during a roof replacement.

Your contractor should cover all windows in the immediate work area with plastic sheets to shield them against contact with falling roof debris. Make sure that these plastic covers are intact and secured to your home at all times.

4. Protect Fragile Décor

Contractors will be hammering in a large number of nails while replacing your roof. This hammering can result in vibrations that reverberate throughout your home.

Any decorative items that you have hanging on the wall could be jarred loose by hammering on your roof. Take down any wall décor that you don't want to get damaged during your roof replacement.

You should also secure any fragile collectibles, dishware, and other breakable items on shelves or in cupboards to prevent the hammering vibrations on your roof from causing damage to these items.

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