2 Things To Consider When Deciding If Your Home's Metal Roof Qualifies For Restoration

21 November 2022
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While you may love the metal roof on your home, you may have noticed that it is starting to look a little rough. You may be thinking it could be time to replace it, but you are trying to find other available options that would allow you to save it.

One option that you may want to think about is having the roof restored. While not all roofs are candidates, some are perfectly suitable for restoration. Below are a couple of things that a professional will take into consideration when trying to decide whether your home's metal roof qualifies for restoration instead of replacement.

1. The Decking Underneath the Metal Roofing Panels Is Structurally Sound

One thing the roofing professional will take into consideration when deciding if your metal roof can be restored is the decking. The decking is the wooden substrate of the roof that not only gives a point of attachment for the metal panels but also gives the roof its shape.

If the decking is damaged or the wood has started to rot, restoration would not be feasible, and the roof would need replacing. However, if the wood is still solid and the decking is structurally sound, your roof would meet one of the criteria needed for metal restoration.

2. The Roofing Panels Do Not Show Signs of Extensive Damage and Rust

Another consideration when looking at whether the roof can be restored is the condition of the metal panels. Even if they appear rough, the extent of the damage and rust will need to be determined before making a decision.

If the panels are rusted through or if there is damage that has changed the shape of the metal, they may need to be at least partially replaced. However, if the rust is superficial, the professional would then be able to remove the surface corrosion and restore the surfaces so that they look like new instead of having to replace the roof. 

If you would rather not replace your home's metal roof, you may be able to have it restored. If the decking underneath the panels is still in good shape and the panels themselves are not rusted through or have other signs of extensive damage, restoration may be possible. Contact a roofer who offers professional metal roofing restoration services to have them fully inspect the panels to see if this is an option instead of having the roof replaced.

Talk to a metal roofing restoration professional to learn more.