4 Ways To Tell If The Deck Of Your Roof Needs To Be Replaced When You Get A Roof Replacement

23 January 2023
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When you get a new asphalt shingle roof, the roofer usually replaces the shingles and the underlayment. As long as the plywood deck is still in good shape, it's not replaced. However, the key is to make sure the deck doesn't have water damage. Here are four ways a roofer looks for water damage on a plywood deck to see if it has to be repaired or replaced when you have a roof replacement. Read More 

How Can You Tell If You Need A New Shingle Roof? 4 Signs To Watch Out For

17 January 2023
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Most homes across the country have a shingle roof protecting them from harsh weather. That said, while shingle roofs are cheap to install and maintain, they deteriorate faster than other materials. As such, the typical lifespan of this roofing material is between one and three decades. Therefore, if you have an older home and suspect the roof might need some care, you should call a roofing contractor to assess it. Here are the top ways to tell if you need a new roof system. Read More 

What Is Inspected During A Routine Roofing Inspection Appointment

11 January 2023
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Routine roofing inspections are scheduled for a variety of reasons. You may have an upcoming sale that requires an updated inspection. You may also have repairs and damage from a recent storm. Insurance companies may require a routine roofing inspection regularly. You understand why you need the inspection. What you may not know is what is covered during the inspection. Here are some of the basic inspections your roofing contractor and inspector will focus on during your next appointment. Read More 

How Flat Roof Repairs Are Done For Seam Gaps In Rubber And Plastic Roofing Membranes

5 January 2023
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Buildings on flat roofs often have membrane roofing. The membrane might be made of plastic or rubber, but they both have a potential weak area, and that is along the seams. When the roofing gets old, the bond between the seams starts to deteriorate. If a seam splits open, your building is at risk of a roof leak. Here's a look at how flat roof repairs are done for leaky seams. Read More 

4 Things That Can Contribute To Damage On Your Residential Roof

3 January 2023
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As a homeowner, you have a responsibility to pay attention to the condition of your roof consistently. In this vein, contact your roofer for a diagnosis and repairs if you observe signs of damage. One problem with failing to attend to a defective roof in time is that you'll have to deal with extensive roof destruction down the road. This guide explores some key aspects that may cause your roof to become compromised: Read More