A Metal Roof Is A Good Choice For A Detached RV Parking Garage

17 January 2022
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If you plan to build a detached garage, pole barn, or another outbuilding to park your RV near your house, you'll want to consider the type of roofing the building will have. If your RV garage will have a typical roof construction, you could choose any roofing that you would put on a house. However, metal might be a preferable choice. Here's why metal is worth a closer look.

Metal Roofing Keeps Your RV Cooler In The Summer

An advantage of metal roofing is that it reflects the sun's rays. When the sun is reflected away from the building, solar heating is minimized. This is a nice effect in the summer when you keep your RV in a closed and locked parking place. When the building is cooler, your RV will be a little cooler, and that protects against deterioration caused by heat.

Metal Provides Good Protection During Storms

Metal roof panels are lightweight, but when they are secured to your roof, they are also wind resistant. Wind and hail are two serious dangers to roofing materials. A metal roof stands up to both hazards. You can even check the wind and hail impact ratings before you buy your metal roof so you know what it can withstand.

Metal Protects Your RV From Fire

A metal roof provides an extra layer of protection for your RV garage. You may even want to build a metal pole barn for your RV and surround your vehicle with metal since it is a protective material. Even if the only metal the building has is on the roof, your RV will still have protection from floating sparks and embers that would normally set a roof on fire.

Your Roof Will Last A Long Time

When you build your new RV parking building, you probably want it to last a long time. You not only want protection for your RV, you probably want to get good value for your money when it comes to a new roof, too. A metal roof will cost more than an asphalt shingle roof at first, but a metal roof pays off over time since it lasts so long. You won't have to put a new roof on for decades, and that gives you more money in the coming years to spend on traveling and other fun activities.

A metal roof protects your RV, lasts a long time, and looks good. Whether you live in the city or the country, an outbuilding with a metal roof is an attractive addition to your property. Contact a metal roof supplier near you to learn more.