Choose Your Roof Installer Wisely

17 January 2022
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Beyond just roofing design and material choices, there are many important things to consider when planning a roof installation project. One of those important considerations is who you'll hire to build your new roof. Your preferred roofing company will have a huge impact on the performance, appearance, and durability of the roofing system, so you shouldn't risk choosing the wrong one.

Consider these factors when searching for a roofer to tackle your roofing installation job.

Your Project Type

While there are many different kinds of projects that may be undertaken in the world of building construction, they all fall into three major categories — residential, commercial, and industrial.

If you need to install a roof on a residential building such as a single-family home, you'll need to choose a roofer that focuses on residential projects. If you need roof installation services for commercial projects such as a retail store, restaurant, or shopping mall, consider a commercial roofer. For industrial buildings and facilities like warehouses, factories, and rural sheds, seek out an industrial roofing specialist.

Residential roofers typically build pitched roofs while their nonresidential counterparts lean towards flat or low-slope roofs. Keep this in mind when matching a roofer to your particular project.

Your Choice Of Roofing Material

With all the different types of roofing materials available on the market today, roof construction has become a highly specialized line of work. To ensure they meet the exacting requirements of different clients, many roofing companies specialize in certain roofing materials only.

When choosing a roofer for your project, make sure they have adequate experience in installing your preferred roofing material.  If you are building a metal roof, for example, hire a contractor with experience in metal roof installation. 

The Need To Safeguard Against Installation Errors

Roof installation is a big job that can be quite expensive. Failure to get the job done properly can result in costly repairs or a full roof replacement before the project has paid for itself. 

To protect yourself against financial losses, find a roofer that offers a warranty on their labor or workmanship. This way, they will be responsible for fixing certain defects or problems that may arise during the warrantied period.

Even within the same building construction project category, specific projects can vary greatly in terms of what different clients require. Feel free to contact a local roofing contractor to discuss your specific roof installation requirements.