Concerns During a New Roof Installation

17 January 2022
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During the course of owning your property, you will face having your roof repaired or a new roof installed. Sometimes you may have an issue with the repair work or installation that leaves you seeking out a new roofing contractor. If this is a situation you are facing, you may have some concerns regarding the new installation and the repairs to what the previous contractor did. Here are some of those concerns and why they may mean you need a new roof. 

Rippling of the Roof

One of the leading issues you may notice after a faulty roofing job is the rippling of the roof. The rippling may look wavy in parts of the roof. You may notice an uneven area of the roof that runs across the top of the roof or along the roof near guttering. This rippling may be in small patch areas or it could run the entire length of the roof. This rippling can cause damage to the shingles and cause gaps where rain and high winds can damage the roof. This is a serious issue that will require new roof installation in order to repair the rippling and even out the roof. 

Slope Issues 

Your roof may have slopes that connect. This is an area where three or more of the slopes to your house meet. This is noticeable if you have a home with multiple levels and areas that lead to covered carports or patio areas. The slope should be laid flat. This should combine to form a smooth and seamless-looking slope connection. If you do not have this flat and seamless connection, you may notice where the shingles are raised or where gaps appear. Just as with a rippling roof, these gaps can lead to water and wind damage. That damage can result in wood rot, mold, and mildew issues. This is an issue where new roof installation may be necessary. 

Vent Cover and Skylight Placement

You may have air vents or skylights installed in your roof. These areas need to have proper seals and proper placement. Keep in mind the slots for these roofing accessories need to be cut into the roof itself. If you notice your vent covers or skylights are uneven, not sealed properly, or seem crooked you will need to contact a new roof contractor. They will need to determine how bad the mistake with the installation was and what they will need to do to place a proper roof installation. 

If you are having these issues and believe you need a new roof, contact a roofing contractor of your choice. Explain the damages that were done by the previous roofing contractor and request an assessment of the roof. The new contractor will assess the review and discuss the issues and the roof installation with you.