4 Signs That It Is Time To Call The Residential Roofing Contractor

19 January 2022
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The roof plays the most significant part in protecting the rest of the house from weather damage. However, because the structure is exposed to harsh weather elements, it is susceptible to weather damage. Sometimes the damage is sudden and easy to figure out, like when the house has suffered storm damage. At other times, you have to be very careful with the inspection and notice the subtle signs of issues that need repairs. Here are the four indicators that it is time for the repairs. 

Light Streaming Through the Attic

If you can see a beam of light streaming through your attic, there is a good chance that your roofing is damaged and needs repairs. The light beams come from gaps in the material, allowing sunlight into the building. It is advisable to inspect it for missing shingles. You should also assess parts like the flashing and the boot vents and ensure they aren't separated or damaged. The presence of beams of light means that rainwater will make its way into the house through the same openings and that causes water damage. 

Sagging Spots on the Roof

Sagging is a warning sign that the roof has deteriorated and needs immediate replacement. Your structure hangs when trapped moisture damages the roofing materials from within. With time, the damage leads to the rotting of the support structure, and it loses its ability to support the weight of the roof. You should assess it starting with the lowest point that is sagging. Then, depending on the degree of the buckling, you can call a roofing contractor for repairs. Treat a sagging as a repair emergency because such a structure can collapse and cause massive damage and injuries.  

Green Spots 

Green spots are evidence that mold, moss, lichens, and algae could be growing on the roof. These growths are prevalent on roofing spots that have moisture damage. The problem often develops when you have trees towering over your house and preventing it from adequate moisture evaporation and receiving sunshine. It is wise to pay attention to green spots because they also indicate possible rot.

Stains on Walls and Ceilings

Wall and ceiling stains indicate that water seeps through the roof and makes its way into the house. The discoloration could be because the water has dirt from the outside or because you have mold stains.

These are common indicators of a damaged roof that needs repairs. Call the contractor like one at Sombreros Roofing to assess yours for you and determine the best solutions to preserve the roofing and protect your home.