Synthetic Slate Roof Replacement

19 January 2022
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Are you thinking about replacing your current roof shingles with something new? Roof replacement can go a long way in helping you get the aesthetic you want for your roof, and it can also help you avoid issues that are common with old roofs.

Synthetic slate roofing is a great replacement option. Are you still considering a roof replacement? Here's what you should know.

Why Is Slate So Popular as a Replacement Option?

Synthetic slate works best for those who want to achieve the look of slate without paying for slate. Slate can be more expensive than other roofing options, not only for aesthetics but also for function. Synthetic slate does a lot to achieve some of the same goals. Synthetic slate is made of rubber and plastic, but it looks just like real slate.

Slate is also a popular option because it is built to last.

Achieve Your Ideal Style With Synthetic Slate

Synthetic slate roofing can help you get the right style for your home. You can get synthetic slate in many of the same colors as real slate, including red, green, brown, purple, and black.

The Cost of Synthetic Slate

Synthetic slate is much more affordable than real slate, but the specific costs of your roof replacement project are going to vary based on many factors. Other factors include your roof height, pitch, size, and other features.

Slate roofing can last decades upon decades. While synthetic slate tiles may not last as long, they generally last longer than asphalt and other lightweight shingles. This means that you will ultimately spend less money on synthetic slate than on other types of roofing.

Additional Benefits of Synthetic Slate

So, what are the other benefits of synthetic slate? For one, synthetic slate is eco-friendly. It's also lightweight and easy to install. As a replacement option, this kind of roofing is a great choice if you want something that holds up against bad weather and storms.

Contact a Roofer for More Information

Replacing your roof is no small matter. It is important that you get great roofing professionals to ensure that your roof is done with the utmost care. It is important that you get not only a quality roofing material but also quality roofing staff.

Are you considering synthetic slate as a roof replacement? Now is a great time to speak with a roofer for more information about getting the right roof to meet your needs and goals.