Commercial Roofing Tips To Keep In Mind This Winter

24 January 2022
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If you manage a commercial building, you likely have a long list of things to keep an eye on all year long, but winter, in particular, can cause some concern. One area of your building that you might want to give extra attention to when the weather gets cold this year and every year going forward is your commercial roof. Here are some commercial roofing tips to keep in mind to help your company navigate this time of year.

Remove Snow Off of Your Roof as Needed, But Look Out Below

If your commercial roof is flat, it might be easier for snow to build up over time. This could cause an issue and eventually damage your roof if too much weight is allowed to build up. A commercial roofing firm may be able to come out and assist with snow removal, but make sure this task is done on the weekends or at a time when no one is walking below the building. If you must remove snow during working hours, block off the area around the building's foundation in order to keep employees and customers clear of the falling snow.

Make Sure Your Gutters, Downspouts, and Drainage System Are All Free From Debris and Working Properly

While you have your commercial roofers up there, you should also get someone to inspect all of your gutters and downspouts and make sure the water is heading in the direction of your drainage system instead of staying on the roof. Water that pools on your roof can either turn into ice when the temperature drops again or just cause damage from long-term exposure to your roofing materials. Clear the roof and all drainage systems of debris to keep water flowing to where it's supposed to go.

Keep Any HVAC or Other Roof Installations Protected and Free From Ice and Snow as Much As You Can

It's pretty common for commercial businesses to put HVAC installations or additional installations like a satellite dish on top of a commercial roof. It may be a good idea to have a professional inspect the flashing around these areas on a regular basis throughout the winter in addition to assisting with keeping the area as free from snow and ice as possible. You may also consider installing additional grates or covers over some of this equipment if it still works properly with the additional protection installed.

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