Four Pro Guidelines to Follow When Installing a Fireplace

24 January 2022
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Installing a fireplace in your home adds to its attractiveness. Most people want to have some firewood gently crackling in the background and making the house warm and comfortable, especially in the middle of the winter. While not all furnaces use firewood, their purpose in keeping the house warm is the same. However, you can only enjoy this when you choose and install the ideal fireplace type for your needs. Follow these crucial guidelines before installing a fireplace in your home.  

Look at Your Heating Needs

Your heating needs play a crucial role in determining the size and type of fireplace that will work best for you. Some furnace types include the gas fireplace, which is low maintenance and affordable. The wood-burning furnace is excellent when you need heat for a small area but requires a lot of cleaning up and maintenance. The pellet stoves are another option for people who need heat for a large house. Finally, you can choose electricity when you have moderate house warming needs.  

The Current and Future Costs

Most people think about the cost of buying and installing the furnace when budgeting for one. However, there are other costs that you should have in mind. Before picking an option, consider the current and future costs of using the unit. They should include the energy bills, maintenance, and repair costs. If you do not account for these costs, you end up with a system that you can hardly afford to maintain, which shortens its lifespan and creates additional costs in the future. 

Ask About Safety and Building Codes

The safety and building codes differ in different states. Before installing any heating system in the home, check the rules and regulations. Some of the mandatory requirements include the footer and chimney projection, the level of emissions, and the length of roof penetration. Other factors that the building codes dictate include the location of the gas line and others. It is advisable to comply with the regulations for your safety. 

Consider the Design and Beauty

The fireplace is still part of your home's interior décor. As such, you should make sure that it blends in with the rest of the room's style. You can choose the traditional design with iron, stone, and marble finishing. Alternatively, get a modernized sleek design with glass.

You should hire a roofing contractor to help you decide on the ideal system for your home. They will also check and ensure you are compliant with the building code and help with your fireplace installation