4 Advantages Of Using Fiberglass Shingles In Roof Installation

26 January 2022
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The popularity of shingles in residential roofing is undisputed. They are affordable, have versatility, and are easy to install. Fiberglass shingles are made using glass strands and are covered with asphalt granules. It makes a lightweight material that combines the advantages of asphalt and fiberglass. Fiberglass shingles are interchangeably called composite shingles and can be found in millions of homes. What advantages do fiberglass shingles offer in roofing installation?

1. Lightweight Build

Fiberglass is a lightweight material. The asphalt used to coat these shingles is less than that used in traditional asphalt shingles. The lightweight gives this material advantages when shipping and installing. 

Roof installation services are willing to extend a discount when handling this kind of roofing because of the ease of installation. You also need less roofing reinforcement, translating to cost reduction further. 

2. Wide Selection

Another compelling advantage of fiberglass shingles is their wide selection. This makes it easier to match the roof with the home's exterior design or complement the interior décor. Three-tab shingles offer a relatively flat look. 

Architectural or laminate fiberglass shingles offer more versatility in shape and color because of their illusion of depth and color. They offer a 3D look. You also have other premium styles for contemporary roof installation. You can have a unique look with this roofing material. 

3. Green Technology 

Fiberglass shingles also have a low emittance, which means less heat radiation from the roof. This translates to more stable temperatures indoors and less need for air conditioning. 

Fiberglass also requires low natural resources to make, unlike other roofing materials. It does not have an expensive extraction and energy-intensive manufacturing process like metal. It also does not impact the environment like cutting down wood. 

4. Long Lasting

Fiberglass shingles can last up to 40 years if treated properly. Unlike wood-shake or slate roofs, fiberglass does not rot like wood or attract termites like cedar. This can be a huge advantage for homes located in humid environments or coastal areas. Also, it does not fade from exposure to strong sunshine.

Fiberglass shingles are also low-maintenance, requiring only the occasional hosing down when dusty. Roof installation services also offer lengthy warranties for fiberglass shingles because of their hardiness. This makes fiberglass shingles more economical in the long run than other roof materials. 

Are you looking for a modern material for your home's roof? Talk to a roof installation service to explore options for fiberglass shingles.