Storm Damage Roofing Repairs Your Metal Roof Could Need

26 January 2022
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Metal roofing is much stronger against storms than asphalt shingle roofing, but that doesn't mean a metal roof can't be damaged by wind and hail. Here's a look at the type of storm damage a metal roof might receive and repairs that could be necessary.

Ways Metal Roofing Is Damaged By Storms

Metal roofing is not likely to have functional damage from hail unless the hail strikes an area with seams. That's why metal shingles are at a higher risk of storm damage than metal panels, since they have more seams. Storm damage roofing repairs may only be necessary if there is functional damage rather than cosmetic damage. Functional damage would be when the roof starts leaking due to hail strikes on a panel seam. Cosmetic damage is when the hail makes dents in the flat part of the metal that don't lead to leaking.

Your insurance policy may or may not cover cosmetic damage, so this is something you want to know about when you get your homeowner's policy. Another type of storm damage to know about with metal roofs is wind damage that might lift and twist a metal panel or shingles. When a metal roof is maintained properly so there are no missing fasteners or areas where wind can rush under the panels, the roofing has a low chance of damage from strong winds. It's when the wind can get under the panels that damage is likely to occur.

Storm Damage Roofing Repairs That Might Be Needed

The amount and type of storm damage roofing repairs that will be needed depend on how long you let damage go on before repairs are done. The longer water leaks in roofing seams, the worse the damage will be. That's why it's a good idea to have your metal roof checked after a bad hailstorm, especially if other roofs in your area were damaged.

Once water damage occurs, it might be necessary to replace part of the roof support structure. If damage was caught before the wood supports were damaged, then repairs might consist of replacing metal shingles or metal panels. Talk with your insurance company to see what they are willing to pay for so you can decide if you want to repair cosmetic damage.

In some cases, the roofer might be able to seal the seam without having to replace a roofing panel, but if a panel was lifted and twisted by the wind, the entire panel might need to be replaced. The roofer may also need to look for missing parts and figure out how wind got under the panels so those repairs can be done as well.

In addition, the roofer may need to replace flashing and other aluminum parts of the roof since aluminum is much lighter than steel and is more likely to be damaged by hail.

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