4 Helpful Tips To Prepare For A Roof Replacement Project

27 January 2022
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A roof replacement project is a big deal for your entire family. You can't wait to see what your home will look like after installing the new roof. Your kids and pets may also watch in amazement as the roofers rip, tear, haul, arrange, and nail.

That said, it's important to understand that when the roofers arrive, your home becomes a work zone. And work zones usually pose unexpected hazards, especially if you're not well prepared. So, here are four tips to follow for a safe and smooth roof replacement project. 

Protect Your Kids and Pets

While your kids and pets may want to be near the action during the roof replacement, that can be extremely dangerous. The work area will have dangerous tools, including roofing nail guns, hammers, hatchets, roofing blades, and utility knives. 

Items may also fall off the roof to cause serious injuries to persons nearby. Therefore, explain to your kids that some areas within your home will be inaccessible during the roof replacement.

Also, consider that there will be lots of hammering, thumping, and banging that can disturb children's sleep. If possible, they should be out of the house for the entire time. You can even let them stay at your family or friend's place until the job is done.

Protect Things in the Attic

When replacing your roof, roofers will be walking on top, pounding nails with hammers. As a result, dust and other small debris may fall on the attic and damage your precious items. 

Protect your belongings in the attic by covering them with drop cloths, old sheets, and tarps. Once the job is complete, you can vacuum them to eliminate any dirt or dust that may have gotten on them. If the items in your attic are fragile or valuable, it may also be a good idea to put them somewhere else for the duration of the project. 

Remove Wall Decorations

As your roof is being replaced, you might notice vibrations within your walls. These vibrations are caused by the hammers and other tools hitting on your roof, so there is no cause for panic. 

However, if you have items hanging on your walls, consider removing them beforehand to ensure they don't fall off and get damaged. This includes paintings, framed photos, mirrors, and similar objects. As a precaution, you may also remove decorative light fixtures such as chandeliers. 

Be a Good Neighbor

Your roofing company will bring equipment, trucks, flying debris, noise, and contractors to your neighborhood. Be courteous and inform your neighbors you're replacing your roof. Also, tell them the anticipated timeframe for the project so they can prepare and adjust their schedules.

Contact a local roofing service for more tips.