Commercial Building Roof Repair For Gutter And Drainage

27 January 2022
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Two of the leading issues a commercial roof may have to deal with are gutter problems and drainage problems. You may believe that these two issues are the same thing. The truth is, they can be very distinct and separate issues that lead to costly commercial building roof repair. Here are some of the issues you may have with both and how they can affect the health of your roofing. 

Sagging Roof

If you notice pooling water after heavy rain, you may have an issue with your drainage path. This can mean you have an issue with the sagging in the roof. The sag or dip in the roof may be from age, water damage, or termite damage. If the roof dips, it will form a concave space for water to stand. This can lead to severe water damage and mold damage. Your contractor will likely inspect the area and determine if sagging is present. They will then remove the damaged wood and roofing, replace it, and determine if there is an issue with the drainage path that caused the initial issue. 

Cracking and Sagging Gutter Attachments

One of the issues that is fairly easy to notice deals with sagging and cracking around the gutter attachments. You may first notice that your gutters are sagging in one large area or several areas. As you look closer, you may also notice the attachments and anchor points are starting to pull on the anchor point. This can loosen the gutter causing it to collapse in certain areas. However, it can also cause wood rot or metal damage and corrosion depending on the material of the roof and anchor point. If this is occurring, your roofing contractor will determine if your guttering is at fault, if the anchoring of the guttering is at fault, or if there are other issues. Your gutter will be repaired and fixed and other commercial building roof repairs will be done. 

Flashing Damage

You may not consider your flashing being an issue with drainage and gutters. The truth of this is flashing can be used around the corners and certain areas of the gutters. The flashing is connected to the roof. This means if the flashing is damaged, it can also damage the gutters. Flashing around skylights and ventilation fans can also become damaged. If it is hanging on or bent, it may cause a blockage of your normal drainage path. Your contractor can check the flashing and replace any damaged areas. 

These are just a few of the issues you may have that deal with your gutter or drainage. The first step to reducing the chances of these issues is to schedule an assessment. Your commercial building roof repair contractor can schedule the assessment and determine what damage is present. They can also inform you how to reduce the chances of future costly repairs and discuss a maintenance routine for your business's roof.