Residential Roof Issues Resulting From Poor Or Improper Roof Maintenance

27 January 2022
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Despite the fact that they keep the unwanted elements out and impact the general style of buildings in a big way, roofs are often unsung heroes in the world of building construction. 

If you are guilty of putting roof maintenance on the back burner of your annual residential property maintenance checklist, high roof repair bills can become inevitable because small problems that could have been caught and addressed early will turn into bigger problems that are costly to repair.

While the roofing problems that you may experience in your home can vary depending on your local climate zone and the specific type of roof you have, here are some common roofing problems that can result from failure to maintain your residential roof well.

Unsightly Roof

Has your roof started to look like an eyesore? This can happen due to an accumulation of regular dirt or the growth of unsightly microorganisms such as mildew, mold, moss, and algae.

The best way to tackle this roofing problem is to get your roof cleaned professionally. Depending on the kind of dirt or stains you have on your roof, roofing cleaning professionals will know which specialized cleaning techniques and commercially available cleaning products they will need to use to make your roof look new again.

Keep in mind that dirt accumulation and/or microbial growth on roofs can lead to a shorter roof lifespan, so it's important that you keep your roof clean and shiny throughout the year.

Roof Leaks

The material that covers your roof can deteriorate or become damaged over time, creating gaps or spaces that may allow water to seep into your home during a storm. If you fail to arrange routine roof maintenance, the water damage caused by your leaky roof can be extensive and too expensive to fix.

Every roof is susceptible to water leaks, no matter how watertight a roof might appear to be. For this reason, you should get your residential roof checked for leaks from time to time. The sooner the problem is detected and dealt with, the less likely you'll need expensive roof repairs.

When it comes to maintaining the structural integrity of your residential roof, it pays to be proactive. A proactive approach to roof care requires identifying and dealing with problems early on so that they do not lead to huge roof repair bills down the road. If you notice any problem with your home's roof, don't hesitate to bring in a local roof repair contractor.