4 Major Benefits Of Using Clay Tiles On Your New House Building Project

31 January 2022
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The roof is a crucial component of the home, and it determines the longevity of the entire building. One of the decisions you have to make when carrying out a construction project is the perfect roof material. Clay tiles are still among the most popular options with many homeowners. Here are the four main benefits you can expect from clay tiles for your upcoming construction.

Clay Has a Long Lifespan

Clay roof tiles are among the materials with long lifespans in the construction industry. You can find homes over a century old and still with a functional roof made out of clay tiles on them. The tiles get baked in a kiln for hours, making them resistant to wear and tear caused by rain, wind, dust, and other environmental factors. The durability is an advantage as it means that you can spend decades without repairing the tiles.

Ease of Maintenance

The tiles are easier to maintain than many other materials. They do not attract a lot of dirt, dust, and moisture. The little maintenance you need to carry out to protect them from damage is installing gutters on your roof and clearing any overhanging branches. The overhanging branches can create shade, which encourages moisture accumulation. The channels take rainwater away from your roofing material, preventing moisture damage. Besides that, you should minimize walking on the roof as it could lead to tile breakage. The difference between the tiles and other materials is that, during the winter, they do not fill up with water, unlike the other materials. Therefore, the overall cost of maintaining these tiles is lower than when dealing with other materials.

Temperature Resistance

Some roofing materials make the temperature a real nuisance in your home by absorbing too much heat from the sun and retaining it. To avoid heat accumulation, you have to invest in insulation mechanisms to manage the heat. Clay tiles are poor in heat conduction. When you place them over your home, you reduce heat transfer from the outside and get cool interiors.

The Tiles are Friendly to the Environment

Clay tiles come from the soil and other natural materials. At the end of your roof's life, you can choose to recycle the material. Recycling conserves energy and the environment.

The benefits of choosing clay tiles over other roofing materials are countless, and a competent roofer can help you install them. Consult a trusted roofing contractor and choose quality tiles for a beautiful, energy-efficient, durable roof.  For more information, contact roofers in your area.