The Importance Of Good Roofing Insulation

31 January 2022
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A roof has many components that help to keep your home's interior safe and comfortable. In the interior of your roof, insulation plays a key role in keeping your home warm during the winter and cool during the summer. But roof insulation has several other important benefits too, all of which make good roof insulation an important part of your roof.

Here are the main benefits of good roof insulation.

Keeps you comfortable in cold and hot weather

If you live in a state that experiences extreme weather on both ends of the spectrum, good roof insulation is vital to your comfort. During winter, a layer of roof insulation will stop the warm air from escaping through your roof, helping you to stay warm. And roofing insulation keeps you cool during the summer by stopping heat from entering your home through the roof.

Helps you save on your energy bills

As well as keeping you comfortable in extreme weather, roof insulation also saves you money on your energy bills. During the winter, with good insulation, you can use your heating less, as you'll lose less hot air through the roof. And during the summer, you won't need to use your air conditioner as much if your insulation stops hot air from entering your home through the roof.

Prevents ice dams from forming on your roof

Ice dams form when hot air escapes your home through the roof in winter and causes snow to melt on your roof. That water from the melting snow then freezes on the lower part of your roof, causing an ice dam that can damage your roofing material. Good insulation can prevent this.

Prevents mold from thriving in your home

Poor insulation invites moisture to enter your roof. Mold can then begin to thrive. For instance, too much insulation can trap warm air near the surface of your roof and lead to condensation in your attic. You can keep the conditions in your attic moisture free by installing a good layer of insulation. But ensure that you hire a roofer to install the insulation if you have little experience doing so.  

Helps protect the environment

Roofing insulation helps you to cut down on your energy use in winter and in summer. Ultimately, this will reduce your emissions and protect the environment.

Is your roof insulation adequate to meet your needs? If not, contact a roofing contractor near you today. Good roofing insulation will make your life easier.