Why Should You Discuss Your Shingle Choice With Your Roofer?

1 February 2022
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The asphalt shingles you select for a new roof can have a massive impact on your home's appearance. Over the long run, this decision can affect how much you enjoy your house as well as its curb appeal and resale value. As a result, many homeowners want to select their own roofing shingles, and it's easy to become enamored with a specific brand or color.

Unfortunately, leaving your roofer out of this process can lead to a more expensive and even less successful installation. If you want a roof that will last longer and look great, it's always a good idea to discuss your shingle choice with your roofer before making a final decision. Here are just three reasons why this collaboration is so critical.

1. Technical Details

Some roofing shingle qualities can substantially impact performance, but they won't be easy to visualize or understand if you aren't an installer. The nail zone is one of these technical details. This technical term refers to the strip of each roofing shingle sheet where installers will need to drive nails. Surprisingly, there's a significant amount of variation in the nail zone between manufacturers.

Roofers will often prefer one product over another because of details such as these. Listening closely to their recommendations will often mean getting a higher quality set of shingles, with less risk of long-term problems or installation issues.

2. Experience

Most roofers do more than just new installations. Over the years, experienced roofing contractors will see many failures and perform numerous repair jobs. This experience can help them understand which roofing products last the longest and which may have a higher loss rate or require more maintenance and repairs.

If you're going to be living in your home for the foreseeable future, you should rely on this experience to help you choose durable, reliable, and long-lasting shingles. While you might end up paying more for a higher-quality brand, you'll save money by preventing avoidable repairs and roofing problems.

3. Availability

Roofing availability can vary throughout the country, and it's not always possible or easy to get certain brands in certain regions. Your roofer will know which brands are popular and available in your area. Choosing a brand that's well-established in your part of the country will let you complete your roofing project more quickly and ensure you can buy replacement shingles in the future.

Remember that your contractor is an expert in their field, which means they'll have plenty of hands-on experience with many shingle manufacturers and brands. Using this experience to your advantage will help ensure that your home gets a beautiful new roof that will stand against the test of time.

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