4 Key Things To Consider When Planning A Residential Roof Replacement

25 February 2022
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After many years, your residential roof will eventually reach the end of its useful life. Your roof might need replacement due to many issues, from old age to major leaks and storm damage. Regardless of your reason for considering roof replacement, it is imperative to plan the project carefully. So, what are the key things to consider when planning a residential roof replacement? Here are some things to keep in mind for a practical roof replacement project.

1. Choose Suitable Materials

Roof replacement projects present great opportunities for homeowners to explore different roofing materials on the market. If you had asphalt roofing and would like something more long-lasting and energy-efficient, perhaps metal or clay tiles would work for you.

You can start by researching different roofing materials in the market. Weigh their respective pros and cons while factoring in their prices to see if they fit your budget. It is also important to consult with your roofing contractor to choose materials that suit your location and roofing needs.

2. Consider Reroofing and Complete Replacement

Another key decision you need to make is whether to reroof or replace the entire system. Reroofing entails installing the new roofing materials over the existing ones, while entire replacements involve ripping out the older roof and installing the new materials.

Although both options restore your roof, the right one mainly depends on the condition of your roof. If the roofer inspects your roofing system and finds no trace of water damage, a reroof would be suitable. If the inner layers are exposed to water damage, or you already have two roof layers, an entire replacement is an ideal option.

3. Find a Reliable Roofing Company

You cannot handle residential roof replacement by yourself. The project is complex and requires an expert's skills, experience, tools, and networks. Working with an experienced roofer links you to genuine roofing materials and relevant service providers.

Roofing contractors replace roofs efficiently and quickly to minimize disturbance and inconveniences. You can also count on them to provide quality services that will make your roof stand out and serve you for many years. Take your time to check reviews and choose a reliable roofing company to handle your roof replacement project.

4. Secure Warranties

When replacing a roof, be sure to secure both manufacturers and service warranties. It is important to protect yourself against liabilities that might arise after the project. The warranties will cover any repair and replacement expenses within the warranty period. Ensure that the warranties are reasonable to protect your investment.

It is normal to feel overwhelmed when planning to install a new roof over your head. However, you can follow these tips to make the journey easier and better. Remember to contact the residential roofing professionals if you need help.