Should You Replace The Pitch Pockets On Your Roof?

6 April 2022
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If you have vent pipes and other penetrations on your flat roof, you may use pitch pockets to seal them in place. However, pitch pockets can deteriorate over time and allow moisture to damage your roof. You want to replace your pitch pockets soon. Learn more about pitch pockets and why you should replace them below.

Why Do Pitch Pockets Go Bad?

Pitch pockets protect roof penetrations, such as vent pipes, from damage during the year. Pitch pockets also prevent water from seeping past a penetration and into your building when it rains. However, pitch pockets contain steel or another metal that rusts or deteriorates easily under stress. 

When you expose steel to moisture, heat, and other environmental changes for long periods of time, it begins to corrode. Corrosion makes metal weak and prone to holes. Water can penetrate the holes in corroded pitch pockets over time.

You want to have a roofing contractor look over the pitch pockets on your roof. If a contractor finds something wrong with the pockets, they'll replace them.

What are the Best Replacements for Pitch Pockets?

A roofer can install better or more reliable pitch pockets around your roof penetrations. The new pockets may contain corrosion-resistant metal and other features that protect them from moisture damage. Some types of metal come coated with corrosion-resistant chemicals. 

If needed, a contractor may custom-make the pitch pockets you need for your roof. Custom-made pitches may come with features that allow them to cover more area or space. You want to cover as much space around the bases of your roof penetrations as you possibly can.

If you choose to keep the old pitch pockets on your roof rather than replace them, a contractor can take other steps to protect your roof and home. A roofing contractor may cover the bases of the pockets with tar, or asphalt.

Tar forms a seal-tight bond with structures as it hardens. However, some types of tar can dry out and crack over time. If you choose to add tar to your pitch pockets, have a roofing contractor use tar that doesn't dry out and crack under stress. A roofing contractor will go over the pros and cons of placing tar around your pitch pockets when they visit your home.

If you need to replace or reinforce the pitch pockets on your roof, contact a roofing contractor for services or more information today.