When Is Roof Shingle Replacement Necessary? Find Out

27 April 2022
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Many people rush to replace the roof when a roofing issue pops up. Though some situations call for a replacement, some are easy to resolve with mere repair work. Remember that a roof replacement project is a time-consuming and costly affair. That means you should undertake the project only in a dire situation. This article looks at situations where a roofing shingle replacement is the most viable solution.

When the Shingles Crack or Split

Shingles can crack due to several reasons. The most common reasons are old age and negligence. Due to continued exposure to adverse weather elements, your shingles may dry up and develop shallow or deep cracks. The extent of cracking is based on how soon you identify the cracks. This problem can worsen during the summer seasons or if you have a poorly ventilated attic. 

On the other hand, shingle splitting happens due to constant temperature changes. Temperature variations usually cause the shingles to develop stress and split. Your roof will start leaking if the cracked or splitting shingles are not replaced soon enough. 

After Experiencing Strong Winds

The effects of strong winds on your roof may not be obvious as expected. Therefore, you need a proficient roofing shingle replacement company to assess the situation. Usually, the sealant and nails loosen, causing the shingles to lift. Therefore, you need to replace such shingles as they are unattractive and could result in leaks.

You Are On the Verge of Selling Your Home

If you want to sell your home, ensure that every part of it is in superb condition. So if your shingled roof looks patchy, you'll need to hire roofing shingle replacement services right away. Typically, the roofer's scope of work will depend on your roof's age. If it is too old, a partial shingle replacement might not improve the roof's appearance effectively. The best thing would be to remove all the old shingles and replace them with new ones. 

The Attic Has Holes 

It's advisable to check the attic's condition from time to time as it reflects the state of your shingles. Holes can develop due to tree damage or rotting of the shingles. So it would help if you had a hole fixed no matter how small it is. If not, water will start seeping in, resulting in more roofing issues. If the holes are widespread, replacing the affected shingles might be more economical.

If you suspect your shingles are not in their right state, you should call a roof replacement expert to assess the situation. Based on their findings, they may install new shingles.