4 Types Of Debris That Can Ruin Your Commercial Roof

28 April 2022
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A well-maintained roof protects your business from damaging external elements. Additionally, such roofs tend to last longer and are less costly to repair. One of the important roof maintenance practices commercial roofing contractors recommend is clearing it of all debris, especially after an episode of adverse weather such as hail storms and hurricanes. Otherwise, a debris pile-up could lead to leaks, shingle degradation, and algae growth. Another major negative effect of accumulated debris is reduced roof efficiency. 

As a business owner, you need to know some of the debris that can ruin your roof so you can call for emergency roof repair services right away. This article sheds light on the types of debris you should watch out for.

Hail Following a Severe Hail Storm

Hail is probably the last thing you want on your roof. Yet, you can do nothing to prevent it from occurring. Usually, hail leaves damage that is not very apparent. For example, hail can cause cracks that only a professional eye can notice. For this reason, it's advisable to call your roofer after every severe hailstorm to inspect the roofing structure. They will identify damage and use the necessary techniques to fix them.

Branches from Nearby Trees

It is vital to keep the trees around your yard well-trimmed and pruned, not just for the beauty of your landscape but also for your roof's safety. Otherwise, overgrown branches can get blown off by strong winds and land on your roof, causing the shingles to tear off. The branches may also damage the gutter system. Therefore, avoid planting a tree too close to your commercial space to avoid such issues. However, if the damage has already been done, get in touch with a roofing repair company.

Building Elements that Get Blown Off

Sometimes roof damages can occur due to the impaired roofing components. For example, strong winds can blow away nails, shingles, and roofing vents. Like in the case of hail damage, there is very little you can do to prevent this type of damage from happening. However, repairs are possible after thorough inspections by a roofer.

Ice Dams that Deter the Snow from Melting

Ice dams can also affect your commercial roof significantly. They usually form at the edge of your roof, thus preventing snow from melting off. They can also cause the gutters to sag if left unattended. Unfortunately, removing ice dams is not easy, so it is not something you can do independently. You'll need the expertise of a roof repair specialist to rectify this problem. 

Clearing your roof of any debris is beneficial in many ways. It prevents gutter clogging and makes inspections and repairs easier. So call a commercial roof repair company to clear the debris before the situation becomes dire.

For more information on commercial roofing, contact a professional near you.