How To Keep Moss From Growing On Your New Roof

5 May 2022
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Roofs that become covered in moss are at an increased risk for premature deterioration and leaks. So, if your roof is really mossy, it is often necessary to have that roof replaced. But then, how do you keep the new roof from also growing moss? Here are some steps to take. A few require collaboration with your roofer, and others you can do on your own.

Ask your roofer to install zinc strips

You can have your roofer install strips of zinc on your roof, a foot or two from the ridge. This may seem like a silly way to prevent moss growth, but it's actually quite effective. Every time it rains, some of the zinc ions will rinse off the zinc strips and travel down your shingles. Since plants do not like the zinc, the moss is less likely to grow on the shingles. Of course, this protocol works best in areas where it rains regularly, but as it is inexpensive, it's worth trying even in areas with lighter rainfall.

Keep your gutters clear

If your gutters become blocked, this means water will pool on your roof more readily. Organic matter, like old leaves, may also end up on your roof after it floats to the top of blocked gutters. Over time, this moisture exposure can cause the roof to become a more appealing place for moss. If you keep your gutters clear, your roof will stay a lot dryer and moss growth will be less of an issue. So, get into the habit of cleaning your gutters seasonally, or install gutter guards to keep them clear.

Trim back any trees

Moss is a unique plant in that it likes shade. So, if your roof is shaded by a tree, you're more likely to see moss growing there. Hire a tree company to come trim any trees that are near your roof. If the trees have major branches that overhang your roof, they may not survive a really extensive trimming. The best thing for your roof may be to have those trees removed. You can plant some new trees elsewhere on your property to make up for them.

If you took the time to invest in a new roof, then it's worth protecting that roof from a fate of moss growth. Have zinc strips installed, clean your gutters, and trim back your trees. You should then be in the clear. Look into roofing services near you for more information.