5 Risks Of Putting Off Residential Roof Leak Repairs

10 May 2022
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What do you do when you notice a leak in your roof? Some people throw a can under the drip until the rains stop. When the leak dries up, they don't remember to fix it, and life goes on as usual. Well, until the next rains start. This solution is dangerous and can cost you a lot over time. Below are the top five risks of postponing home roof leak repairs. 

Higher Energy Costs

If a roof leak gets into the insulation in your walls or attic, your home will not be warm. As a result, you have to over-rely on your HVAC system to remain comfortable indoors. This, in turn, causes a rise in your utility bills. Since your HVAC unit is overworking, it's more likely to develop repair issues. You will incur additional costs on HVAC repair or replacement. 

Mold and Mildew Growth

Even if the drips have stopped, you can bet some water is trapped in your roof, walls, or ceiling. This water creates a damp environment that is perfect for mold and mildew growth. 

With time, the mold and mildew spread into the interior of your home. For example, mold spores can pass through your air vents, causing serious respiratory problems to you and your loved ones. Mold and mildew can damage your walls, floors, and ceiling while making them look unattractive. 

Electrical Damage and Fire Hazard

Water leaks can infiltrate your walls to reach your home's electrical outlets and wiring. If the water comes into contact with bare wires, it could cause electrical damage, deadly shocks, power outage, or even an electrical fire. If you suspect water leaks seeping through your walls, shut off your electrical power until your home is inspected for electrical issues. Then, seek residential roof leak repairs. 

Structural Damage

A leaky roof can compromise your home's structural integrity. The water can damage the ceiling joints, rafters, fascia boards, and wall frames. Over time, the water can also get into your home's foundation to cause severe structural damage. A weak home foundation puts you and your household members in real danger. 

Additionally, structural damage can be costly to fix. Therefore, take care of roof leaks as early as possible to safeguard your safety and save money. 

Slip and Fall Risks

The drips from your leaky roof eventually land on the floor. Unless you are always free to wipe away the standing water, this can create slip and fall hazards, especially for children, seniors, or persons with physical challenges. Nothing is worth your safety and your family's safety, so take care of that roof leak. 

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