Myths About Roof Leak Repairs

10 May 2022
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Your home's roof protects you from the effects of bad weather and extreme temperatures. One common roof repair involves fixing leaks. This is why it helps to beware of a few myths about roof leaks.

Leaks Are Always Evident

It's tempting to believe that your roof is okay, provided you don't see leaks. However, your roof might have extensive damage, but the warning signs may not be evident. Note that warning signs like stains emerge when a significant amount of water has accumulated on your roof.

When signs of moisture damage become evident, it might be too late to fix the damage. A good rule of thumb is to schedule regular roof inspections. These inspections enable a roofing contractor to conduct residential roof leak repairs before they get worse.

New Roofs Don't Require Repairs

Many homeowners believe there is no need for leak repairs, provided they have a new roof. The truth is that strong weather conditions can ruin all types of roofing materials. Brand new roofs should be regularly maintained to avoid potential problems. Ensure you inspect your roof after a storm to determine whether there are any leaks or other minor issues.

DIY Roof Repair Will Save You Money

DIY roof repair isn't recommended for three main reasons. First, roofs are complex and have different components. You need to have an understanding of how the individual parts work. Many homeowners don't have enough knowledge, so they can easily make a mistake during DIY repairs. 

Secondly, DIY roof repair may void your roof's warranty. Most warranties state that protection will be voided if a certified roofer doesn't repair a roof. Lastly, DIY roof repair poses a safety hazard. Roofers have the training and equipment to minimize the risks of injury.

You Can Place a New Shingle Over Existing Shingles

Many people believe that you can patch your roof by placing a new shingle over existing shingles. This is a temporary fix that can lead to significant issues. For example, rot may need to be replaced or stripped away. Therefore, the best way to identify roof leaks and other issues is by stripping off the old shingles.

Homeowners tend to ignore roof maintenance until they experience problems such as leaks and wear and tear. It's crucial to inspect your roof for leaks regularly and address the issue before it costs you more in terms of roof replacement. If you notice any sign of a roof leak, make sure you contact a professional roofer for home roof leak repairs.