Could It Be Time To Replace Your Metal Roof? Look For These 4 Signs

11 May 2022
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Your metal roof can last for decades with regular maintenance and when installed in the ideal environment. But, this does not mean your metal roof is completely immune to damage. Like any other roofing material, metal roofs also have an expiration date. Therefore, as a homeowner, you are responsible for knowing when to look for replacement services. Below are some of the signs you should watch for.

Your Roof Is Approaching Old Age 

Once your roof hits a certain age, it will deteriorate even though your roof comes with a coating to shield it from the elements. Metal roofs start to age once they hit around 40 to 50 years due to the constant exposure to the sun, humidity, rain, and even more harsh weather elements. Some of the notable signs of aging include rust or fading paint. Once you see these indicators, look for roof replacement services.

Peeled Paint Coating

As mentioned earlier, your metal roofing features an extra layer of paint coating to keep it from wearing down earlier than it is supposed to. Unfortunately, this coating can also deteriorate from the debris falling on it. Changes in temperatures can also cause the covering to warp. At the same time, your metal roof will also chip and fade, resulting in a rusty look. Should you fail to do something soon, the damages will be extensive, and at some point, it will be better to replace the roof.

Leaky Roof

Leaks result from a roof that has been weakened by rust or corrosion. Similarly, the roof panels will begin to warp or become loose because of water damage. The leaks may be too small to notice in the initial stages and can only be spotted through regular inspections. 

Soon, the leak will grow bigger, and the structure may come down at the least expected moment. And a roof replacement will ensure that the situation does not get to such extremes.

A Punctured or Torn Roof

Even though your metal roof is naturally strong, it is not a good idea to walk on it frequently; otherwise, it may develop punctures or get torn up. This problem can sometimes be fixed through caulking. However, this will only hold for a short time. It would be best to get a new roof to avoid compromising the structure from too much damage.

As a homeowner, you should stay vigilant for any of the above signs of a roof replacement. Acting on time will keep the roofing situation from getting worse. 

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