FAQs About Solar Roofing Shingles

11 May 2022
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These days, there is an increased emphasis not only on choosing eco-friendly materials but on incorporating energy-producing materials into your home design. One of the most common of these materials is solar roofing shingles. These shingles can be used in place of other roofing materials. They capture sunlight and convert it to electricity that you can use throughout your home. Here are a few questions you might have if you are thinking about choosing solar shingles.

Will the solar shingles look funny?

These shingles look surprisingly similar to normal roof shingles. They're a little shinier and more uniform than your standard asphalt shingles because the surfaces are made from glass. However, their solid black or gray color coordinates well with most homes. They're not flashy or unusual looking in any way, and most people won't realize they are solar shingles unless they have previous knowledge of solar shingles. Many homeowners find solar shingles to be quite attractive.

Can you disconnect from the grid if you install solar shingles?

It depends. In areas with a lot of cloud cover, your solar roof may not make enough electricity to allow you to disconnect completely. However, in sunnier areas, this is generally an option. If you do decide to disconnect from the grid, you will need a battery to store the extra electricity your solar panels make during the day so you can use it at night.

Will solar shingles really save you money?

In most cases, yes, solar shingles will save you money over time. There are often rebates that make installing the solar shingles a lot more affordable. Once they are in place, your electricity bills will go way down. You might even receive a check from the electricity company if you generate more power than you use and feed it back into the grid! The payback time varies, but solar shingles usually pay for themselves within a few years, and then it's all savings.

Will solar shingles blow off in a storm?

Solar shingles, like any other roof material, can potentially become damaged during a storm. However, if anything, they are less likely to suffer damage than standard shingles. This is because they're heavy; they're made from glass and metal. They are also fastened to the roof with strong metal fasteners.

To learn more about solar shingles, talk to a roofing contractor in your area. Not all roofers install solar roofing, but many do.