4 Commercial Roofing Issues That May Result In Damaged Flashing

18 May 2022
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Flashing is the part of your roof that prevents your roof from leaking. It is usually installed on all roofing joints vulnerable to leaks, such as the valleys, chimneys, and skylights. Most roof flashing is made of galvanized steel, but there are also those made of copper or aluminum.

A damaged commercial roof flashing can manifest in different ways. For example, it may corrode or develop holes. To repair issues such as these and avoid additional problems in the future, you should contact a commercial roofing company. Below is how your roof may develop flashing problems that require repair:

Normal Wear and Tear

As the flashing works consistently to keep your roof from leaking, wrinkles can develop due to everyday exposure to the elements. These wrinkles develop due to the expansion and contraction of the flashing material. As a result, it will no longer effectively protect your roof from leaks. Additionally, as it rains or as snow builds up on your roof, it tends to penetrate the flashing and later melt and refreeze, thus ruining your flashing further.

Shrinking Of the Roof Membrane

The membrane installed on your roof can also shrink over time. A shrunk membrane can be detrimental by creating too much pressure on the flashing. This kind of damage is almost impossible to fix. For this reason, the roof seams will eventually burst, leaving the flashing too damaged to prevent water leaks. To prevent additional issues, you need a professional commercial roofing company to inspect and address the situation at once.

Failing To Hire a Professional Roofer for Flashing Installation

Deciding to install the flashing non-professionally can later cost you. Without the necessary skills, experience, and specialist tools, a non-expert is likely to make mistakes during the installation. For example, they may not know that installing a new flashing over an old one is ill-advised. Billowing, a situation whereby the membrane sections detach from the roof, can also occur. Therefore, hiring a commercial roofer to install the flashing is wise.

Damage Due To Roof Traffic

If you need to do something on your roof, such as installing solar panels, you should be extremely careful, or you might cause damage to it. For example, you risk stepping on the flashing, leaving it cracked. Consequently, your commercial roof will start leaking into the underlying components and, eventually, into your office when it rains.

Contact a commercial roofer to learn more about situations that require commercial roof repair