3 Effective Ways To Protect Your Rain Gutters

24 May 2022
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Rain gutters often get your attention when you face major roof issues that are costly to fix. But, with proper cleanup and maintenance, you protect your gutters and prevent troublesome issues. Such problems include mold and mildew growth, pest infestation, and ice dams that force water into your house.

Find below three effective ways to protect your rain gutters.

1. Install Leaf Guards

Gutter guards are one way to keep leaves and large debris from your gutter system. Most gutters have a mesh-like material on the upper side to allow rainwater through a debris-free path. Opt for a sound aluminum or vinyl option that matches your rain gutters' dimensions. A dimension-specific size keeps off the long-term burden of excessive weight from your gutters.

You can also use gutter brushes to protect your gutters from leaf damage. Gutter brushes are an economical option that sits inside the trough to block out larger debris for a smooth water flow. The downside of gutter brushes is that small debris gets caught in the bristles and then builds up and causes clogs.

2. Regular Rain Gutter Cleanups and Roof Sweeps

Leaves cling to anything along the airborne leaves' path. So, if you have debris in your rain gutters, leaves find a place to stick and form clogs as time goes by. To prevent clogs, inspect and clean your gutters regularly.

A dirt-free roof is essential to keep your rain gutters clean because most of the dirt in the gutters flows from the roof. Tools to keep your roof clean are available in garden centers. First, ask about a roof rake appropriate to your roof material so you won't damage your roof. Roof cleanups call for care and caution.

Nonetheless, if you are afraid of heights, don't hesitate to ask for help from rain gutter specialists.

3. Protect From Leaf Nests

Squirrels are the typical builders of leaf nests and could set the nest in your rain gutters. Also, whereas most birds use twigs to make nests, some species add leaves. If you don't maintain your gutters, you increase the opportunity for pests to build nests on your gutters. As a result, the nests hinder water flow and cause water damage to your roof and rain gutters.

Your first defense against damage from leaf nests is to keep the pests off your gutters. Install eco-friendly bird and rodent repellers close to your rain gutters. You could also use leaf screens to discourage pest infestation by critters other than birds and squirrels.


Many activities go towards rain gutter protection, but the benefits you reap are worth the effort. The better news is that you don't have to take all the burden. Instead, let rain gutter specialists handle the process for protection measures that call for expertise, e.g., gutter guard installation and rain gutter cleaning for high roofs.

Contact a professional for more information about rain gutters