Replacement Roofing Services: Why Installing A Bonnet Roof Is A Good Investment

27 May 2022
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A bonnet roof is reminiscent of a mansard design in reversed form as it has four sides with a slanted top. However, the slope reduces towards the edges to create an overhang for the porch. Bonnets go by many names, including the kicked-eaves system, modified pitched design, and modified hipped design. Regardless of the name by which you know them, they are well-suited to homes that sit on sloped ground because their design helps protect your home from debris and water flowing down the slope. Furthermore, contractors usually install bricks or stones to prevent the roofing structure from sliding. Below are four advantages of bonnet installations:

Effective Protection From the Elements

A bonnet roof provides much-needed protection from the elements with its sloped top and outstretched edge. Therefore, you can create a functional outdoor space without worrying about the rain or sun. You can even add a canopy system for extra protection. Besides this, the low sloped sides also protect your home from the elements by keeping the porch cool. Furthermore, bonnet roofs protect against strong winds because, unlike flat systems, they hold firmly in place as the winds blow.

Additional Lighting and Storage

Bonnet installations provide additional space toward the high-pitched area that you can convert into a tiny attic. Additionally, you can install a skylight for extra lighting. With this in place, you may not even need to put the lights on when it gets cloudy. You can even install a window rather than a skylight if you'd like to enjoy the sound of rain tapping your roof. Either option provides you with a bright, cheery space.

Effective Drainage

A roof that can properly drain off water is worth investing in, and these modified pitched designs are designed to shed water conveniently. As a result, yours is less likely to get damaged by water or develop leaks. This is especially valuable in steep areas with a higher risk of damage when it rains. Nonetheless, all the excess water is effectively directed away from your home when you have a bonnet design.

Durable and Easy to Install

Bonnets are made using strong materials, and with professional installation, maintenance and care, they can last for decades. Moreover, their design and shape make them easy to install, making them relatively affordable.

These installations are a prudent choice for you, particularly if you live in areas that experience a lot of rain. Additionally, they are ideal if you desire an attic or patio. Be careful to hire a professional residential roofer for installation and maintenance to enjoy the above benefits. 

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