5 Ways To Prepare For Your New Roof Installation

8 June 2022
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Installing a new roof for your home or commercial building is a smart decision. Not only will you say goodbye to issues like cracks and leaks, but you also get to boost property value. Plus, you can relax knowing you and your household members are safe even if a massive storm were to hit your area. 

However, a roof installation is a massive project that needs adequate preparation. Here are five ways to prepare. 

Remove Wall Decorations

During the roof installation, there will be lots of hammering, people walking on the rooftop, and different machinery on the roof. These activities can result in strong vibrations that shift hanging photos, mirrors, and glass fixtures. 

As a precaution, remove decorations or hangings on the wall before the roof installation. This is especially critical for those hangings on the upper floors near the roof under installation. 

Clear the Attic

Professional roofers will do their best to prevent dust and debris from getting into your home during a roof installation. However, taking extra precautions to protect your valuables inside the attic won't hurt. You can move the items to a safer room until the job is complete. If some items inside the attic are permanently secured or too heavy to move, you can cover them using a tarp. 

Prepare Your Home's Exterior

Roofers will need adequate space around your home to work efficiently. If possible, remove your vehicles and other barriers from the driveway until the project is complete. Also, ensure adequate space for the roofers' truck and equipment. 

If you have grills, patio furniture, or other valuable items near your house, it's also advisable to move them into the garage and cover them properly. This will protect them from the debris coming from the construction. 

Prepare Your Kids and Pets

Children are naturally curious. As the construction goes on, they might want to be as close as possible to the action. However, the construction site has dangerous tools that can cause severe injuries. Explain to your kids that certain areas of your property will be off-limits or have them stay at your friend's place during the roof installation. 

Similarly, the noise from the project and the new faces of strangers walking around your property can make your pets anxious and stressed. If you suspect your pets won't adjust to the new environment, ask a relative or friend to watch over them for you. 

Remove Satellite Dishes and Antennas

To speed up the roof installation process, call your satellite provider to remove the dishes and antennas on your roof before the project begins. If there are other items on your roof, contact your roofing contractor to determine if they will be an issue during the roof installation. Most contractors will be happy to remove these items for you as part of their roof installation services. 

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