Who Needs To Have Their Roof Cleaned?

8 June 2022
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When people hear about roof cleaning for the first time, they are sometimes perplexed. Not everyone has their roof cleaned, so it's possible you've lived your whole life, up until this point, without realizing this is a service roof companies offer. There are plenty of roofs that don't require cleaning, but there are also roofs that can really benefit from this service. Here's a look at the key situations in which you should have a roof cleaned by a roofing contractor.

You live near the ocean.

When you live near the ocean, there is a lot of salt spray that comes off the water during a storm. There's also a certain amount of salt in the air all of the time. This salt can accumulate on your roof over time. If you have a metal roof, the salt will accelerate the rate of corrosion. If you have a roof made from other materials, there are probably still some metal components, such as screws or fasteners, and the salt can cause those to corrode. Having the roof cleaned periodically will remove the salt and slow down this corrosion. Ultimately, this maintenance will allow your roof to last longer.

Your roof is under a tree or a big tree branch.

It's best for roofs not to be shaded by a tree, as the shade cast by a tree can cause algae and mold growth. When a tree overhangs a roof, you also get a lot of tree debris falling on the roof. The tree debris can trap moisture against the roof and accelerate the rate of deterioration. If you don't want to have the tree taken down, then cleaning the roof is a good alternative. This will ensure the tree debris and moss don't accumulate past a certain point.

Your roof warranty depends on it.

Some roof materials and roofing systems come with a warranty that will only hold up if you have the roof cleaned on a certain schedule. Your roofer should have told you about this warranty stipulation when you had the roof installed. If you're not sure whether your warranty requires cleaning, you can read through the paperwork or call your roofer and ask them about it.

Some homeowners do not need to have their roofs cleaned, but other homeowners do. If you live near the ocean, have a tree overhanging your roof, or have a warranty that requires cleaning, contact a roofing company for this service.