3 Things A Hurricane Can Do To Your Roof

10 June 2022
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If you live somewhere that gets regular storms, including hurricanes, it is normal that you have some concerns. Your roof protects you from hurricanes, but can you protect your roof from hurricanes?

Hurricanes can cause a lot of roof damage, potentially requiring residential roof replacement. These are some of the things you need to know about your roof and the potential impact of hurricanes.

Hurricane Winds Can Damage Your Roof

One of the biggest repercussions of storms on your home will be the wind. Hurricanes have categories based on the speeds of the winds they carry. Your roof will be impacted by the winds depending on the types of roof material you have.

Shingles are the most likely roofing material to be impacted by hurricane winds, but tiles, metal, and other roofs can also be impacted. If the hurricane winds take away your materials, roofing replacement can help you replace your roof with the same materials or with an improved roof.

Hurricanes Can Create Roof-Damaging Projectiles

Heavy items that are carried into your home can also cause a lot of damage to your roof and other components of the building. From tree branches to gardening tools, heavy items can crash right through a weak roof and into your home.

You can take some steps to stop projectiles or prevent them from causing so much damage. For example, you may want to have your roof examined for weak spots or water damage that might not hold up against those projectiles.

Hurricane Rains Can Damage Your Home

Hurricanes also bring about a significant amount of water, which means that your roof could also be faced with serious leaks. If your roof is not in great shape before a hurricane, you may expect these leaks to occur. Preparing your roof for leaks ahead of time with roofing maintenance can prevent the need for a replacement in the future.

Keep in mind that missing and loose shingles will also allow rain to enter your attic through the roof. If you notice these issues, it is important that you replace those components of your roof before the next storm.

Contact a Roofing Professional

Whether you want to prepare your roof for a hurricane or you want to ensure that your roof is effectively replaced after a storm, a roofing service will be helpful. Contact a professional to take all the necessary steps to protect or repair your roof.

A roofing contractor can give you more information.