What To Know About Commercial Roof Damage

13 June 2022
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Did you notice water leaking into your business establishment after it rained outside? Depending on the severity of the problem, a water leak can be a sign that it is time to get the roof replaced. A leaking roof can lead to other problems in your building, which could be a disaster financially when a significant amount of damage is caused. For example, the moisture from the water can damage inventory and furniture and cause mold to grow and spread throughout the building. If you are unsure if your roof should be replaced, speak to a roofer so they can assess the severity of the leak and determine if only an isolated area of the roof is damaged.

Multiple Leaks Are a Bad Sign

One of the first things a roofer will look for when inspecting your roof is multiple leaks in the building. It is possible that there are several leaks, but you have only noticed one of the leaks. If there is only one leak, it might mean that replacing the roof is not necessary. However, multiple leaks are a sign that there is extensive damage to the roof deck and a simple repair is not sufficient. A severely deteriorated roof deck is dangerous because the structural integrity is compromised, which means the roof is at risk of collapsing.

Water Damage Is a Fire Hazard

Something that may have not crossed your mind is the type of hazard that a water leak can cause in your building. For example, due to there being electrical wiring installed through the ceilings and walls in your building, water can be hazardous. The reason is that when water comes into contact with the electrical wiring, a fire hazard is created. All it takes is one fire to spark up to lose everything inside your building, including the structure itself. Acting fast to replace your roof will remove the risk of a water leak causing a fire to spark up when least expected.

An Old Roof Raises Business Expenses

If your roof is old, it can lead to more business expenses, such as frequent roof repairs. A damaged and old roof can also be the cause of higher energy costs, which can be excessively high in a large commercial building. By getting the roof replaced, your building will be better insulated due to there being no holes in the deck allowing air to seep in and out.

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