3 Reasons You Should Prioritize Or Schedule An Annual Roof Inspection

22 August 2022
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As a homeowner, the worst thing you can do is to think about your roof only when it's leaking, sagging, or caved-in. Indeed, you will at some point need to repair or replace your roof. However, how often you do it depends on how you care for it. Most people don't inspect their roofs annually, so they incur unnecessary roof repair and replacement costs. Your roof can be useful for a long time if a roofer inspects it at least once a year. If yours was inspected several years ago or has never been inspected, see why you should prioritize or schedule an annual roof inspection for it.

It Helps Reveal Hidden Roof Problems

It's wrong to assume that roof damage is always obvious. Actually, you can hardly spot certain roof damage signs from the ground, even if you have a pair of binoculars. In most cases, hidden roof damage can only be identified during a roof inspection. Professional roofers can hardly miss it because they are skilled and have the right tools for a roof inspection. They inspect the roof to check if it's corroded, damaged, or dented. They also check whether the roofing materials are missing and write a detailed report.

It Makes Claim Filing Easier After a Storm

Did you experience a severe storm that left your roof damaged? If yes, you can file a claim to be compensated. However, the filing process may not be as easy as you think if you don't hire a professional roofer to inspect the roof. The roof should always be inspected as quickly as possible after a storm. This way, you know whether the roof is still watertight as it has always been or if something needs to be done. Timely roof inspections help you assess the magnitude of storm roof damage and get professional recommendations for repairs.

It Helps You Avoid Premature Roof Replacements

Every homeowner expects their new roof to last long because most roofs are durable. However, the roof may need to be replaced before it's half its shelf-life when annual roof inspections are neglected. A roof inspection helps you identify roof problems like small leaks and mold growth before they become aggravated. Usually, a roof is replaced when repairs can't help fix the current problem. Most people don't know that an annual roof inspection helps prevent premature roof replacement. During the inspection, the roofer can spot minor roof issues and fix them before they become irreparable.   

For more information, contact a local company that offers annual roofing inspections