What Happens When Your Roof Is Replaced

7 October 2022
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Have you hired a professional roofing contractor to replace the roof on your home? If so, you'll likely want to know what will happen on the day the work is done. Here is what you can expect when you get a professional roof replacement.

Material Delivery 

The first thing that happens is the roofing material is dropped off at your home. That may happen the day of the roof replacement or a day or two before. The materials will be placed in your yard so that they are near the home, limiting the distance that they need to be moved to perform the job. Steps will be taken to ensure that the heavy roofing material does not damage your yard, such as placing boards under the material to disperse its weight.

Crew Arrival 

Several vehicles with crew members and equipment will arrive at your home, and they are going to start unpacking everything you need. Assume that your driveway is going to be unavailable during this time, so make sure to park your vehicle on the street in case you need access to it. This will help prevent potentially slowing down the roofers to move a vehicle later. 

Safety Setup

Steps will be taken to make sure that the property around your home is protected. This means setting up tarps that go over the edge of your roof and down to the ground, which will prevent debris from hitting the house. Movable items will be placed far away from your home to prevent them from being damaged. 

Tear Off

The old roof is going to be removed from your home, and it will look quite chaotic. All of the old roofing material needs to be stripped off until it reaches the roof deck. You'll likely see materials being thrown off the roof and directly on the ground, where people will be collecting the material and disposing of it properly.


Now the roof deck is exposed and any necessary repairs can be done. If the roof deck is rotting in places, those boards will need to be replaced with new material. The inside of your attic will be exposed during the roof deck replacement process, but you'll have new boards in place that are free of damage in the end. 

Material Installation

Now the installation process can really begin. The new ice and water shield will be installed, followed by new shingles and flashing material. Expect a lot of noise as the roofers are hammering nails into the roof deck to secure the new material in place. 

For more information, contact a roofing company.