Does Your New Home Need Roof Repair?

4 April 2023
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If you have a roof repair need, you'll have to get things taken care of right away. However, it can be very difficult to do roof repair when you have a new home that you aren't used to yet. After all, you've likely had a home inspection done on your home and if any roof issues came up, they were minor or allowed you to continue with your home purchase without issue. 

So, does your home need roof repair? Do you have to call some roofing companies to get their compared quotes for your roof? You can check off some of the roof repair needs your home has yourself, such as the following here.

Your roof is on the older side

If your roof is very old and has not been replaced or repaired since before you bought it, then you need to consider roof repair. You may also need to consider roof replacement. Roofing contractors will show you the work that needs to be done to make your older roof sound, including the replacement of the roof, if necessary. You'll be made aware of the roof repairs your roof needs before you move forward with them.

Your roof is exposed to damage

If your roof was exposed to serious damage following a storm, then it's wise to consider having roof repair done on the roof. This is because your roof is still new to you, and you may be unable to understand how strong or weak your roof is overall. If you can avoid it having to repair your roof for major issues due to not knowing what your roof can manage, it will be done by having your roof inspected immediately following a storm. The sooner you repair your roof for something minor, the better results you'll get and the cheaper your repairs will be overall.

Your roof is a more basic material

If your roof is a basic asphalt shingled roof or wood shakes, then it may be less durable or sound than a metal roof or roof with more durable, stronger materials. That said, all roofing materials should last for several years before needing roof repair or replacement, but if you have a roof with more basic material, you should have your roof contractors take a look to see if your new home needs some roof repair.

Roof repair can be beneficial to you. Explore your options before moving forward so you get the best results. Contact a local roofing service, such as Gerardo's Construction LLC, to learn more.