Details To Know About Having A Shingle Roof Installation

11 May 2023
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A shingle roof installation usually goes fairly fast as long as the weather cooperates. The roofing contractor sends a crew to work on your roof so they can get your roof on quickly. A shingle roof installation is straightforward too. There are not many adaptations a roofer has to make since shingles are installed one way. Here are more details about installing new shingles.

Shingle Roof Installation Is Done To Local Codes

National and local building codes apply to roofing work. This ensures your roof is done to quality standards and in accordance with your local climate. The roofing process requires a permit, and the roof has to be inspected to make sure it's done to code.

Codes from certain areas of the country are stricter than they are in others. It depends on the local climate. For instance, Florida has strict building codes due to the threat of hurricanes and tropical storms. An asphalt shingle roof in Florida may be required to have hurricane straps to help the roof maintain its structure in strong winds.

A Waterproof Barrier Is Put Under The Shingles

A shingle roof installation includes the installation of a waterproof barrier. This underlayment adheres to the deck, and as long as it isn't torn, it will keep water off of the deck and prevent moisture damage and roof leaks. Underlayment can often last the entire lifespan of an asphalt shingle roof, but if it happens to deteriorate earlier, the risk of a roof leak increases.

Another nice benefit of waterproof underlayment is that it keeps the deck from getting wet if rain pops up when a shingle roof installation is underway. The roofer still has to stop work, and they'll need to let the underlayment dry before proceeding, but the deck of the roof won't get wet.

Metal Flashing Is Sometimes Reused

Metal flashing might be reused if your old flashing is in good shape, especially if you had the flashing replaced in the last few years. However, your roofer might change all the flashing along with the rest of the roof. You can discuss what you want to do with your roofer.

Shingle Roof Installation Can Be Done All Year

The roofer has to work around weather conditions, so if it's below freezing, the roofer will probably postpone the work unless it's an emergency. As long as the temperatures are in a range that the adhesives won't be affected, you can have your shingle roof installed in the winter if need be. However, getting a new roof spring through fall is the best choice.

Scheduling the work early when it works into your schedule is a good idea too so you don't have to scramble to put a new roof on due to a bad leak.

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