Why You Should Have Roofers Check Your Home’s Roofing System Before Having Solar Panels Installed

21 November 2023
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Installing solar panels isn't as simple of an approach as just placing them on your roof and plugging them into your home’s electrical system. Before you have any solar panels or other equipment installed on your roof, it’s crucial to have professional roofers check your home’s roofing system. 

Check Your Roof’s Condition

Before solar panels are installed, roofers should inspect your roof to make sure it’s in good condition. This is important because solar panels are designed to last for several decades but require a stable and durable roof to support them. With roofers’ expertise, they can check for any damage, weak spots, and cracks in your roof that may compromise the installation of solar panels and even your home’s safety. Any required roofing repairs or replacements will be more practical to complete before the panels go in to avoid unnecessary roof work in the future.

Solar Panel Installation Process

The installation process of solar panels requires drilling into your roof’s shingles to anchor the panels in place. Roofers know the proper techniques to reinforce your roof and protect it from any damage during the installation. Then, they will ensure that the solar panels are attached correctly without impeding ventilation on your roof. It's vital that any work performed on the roof does not cause damage to it or compromise the integrity of the panel installation.

Proper Roof Penetration Sealing and Waterproofing

If solar panels aren't properly secured and sealed, there’s a chance that water can seep in and cause leaks and damage to your home’s interior. A small and undetected leak can lead to mold growth, electrical problems, and other water-related issues that can be costly to repair. Hiring experienced roofers to attach and seal the solar panels will prevent future water damage and ensure the panels perform at an optimal level.

Maintenance and Inspection

Having roofers inspect your roof before installing solar panels is the first step in maintaining a long-lasting and energy-efficient system. Although solar panels are durable and low-maintenance, they still require regular maintenance and inspections. Hiring roofers to clean the panels and maintain the wiring connections will ensure the panels absorb as much sunlight as possible and generate the most energy.

Having roofers check your home’s roofing system before having solar panels installed is crucial for the overall safety and efficiency of your home's environment. Investing in solar panels can greatly benefit your home and help save money on energy bills, but it also requires an understanding of the roofing system. By working with professional roofers, you know that your roof will be in good hands and your solar panels will be safely, properly, and securely installed.

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